best ways to increase adsense cpc

 Best ways to Increase Adsense CPC          

For anyone who is a Blogger and Adsense is the primary source of income, you can’t afford to underestimate the importance of Adsense optimization. If we discuss Adsense optimization, there are lots of things, but the important objective is to get higher CPM or get extra Cost per click. Otherwise, despite good quality AdSense CTR, you may not be making great money. This really is an issue familiar with the non-English weblog. As long as you drop in the group of those AdSense publishers, who will be getting massive traffic but Adsense profit is still low. You can understand tips and tricks, which are described below in the article, and this will really help to boost Adsense CPC and overall revenue.

 First You Have to Understand What is Adsense CPC  

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Best ways to Increase Adsense CPC
The cost-per-click ( CPC ) is the amount of money you will earn every time a client hits on your advertisement. The CPC for every advertisement will depend on the advertiser; certain advertisers might be wishing to pay even more per click as compared to others, depending on what they are advertising and marketing.

there are a lot of the best ways to increase Adsense CPC. Getting millions of appearances on your ad will not be of the many benefits although a weblog with amazing CPC with not very bad CTR can earn an immense difference. CPC features nothing to execute exclusively with your activity, on the off-chance that you choose to acknowledge and saw smaller-scale specialty internet diaries, you could have acknowledged regardless of less direction such type of destinations revenue from Adsense. The cause is simple which is eCPM for these web journals are expensive to the level that you will get paid very well for CPC and after that, you will discover different components like Advertisement rivalry, Key phrases and some more.

 Here are the best ways to Increase Adsense CPC         


Choosing the right Alcove for your Web-blog or website is very important. Cost Per Click (CPC) of an advertisement directly depends upon the topic on which you’re writing on your web blog. Let us clarify your thoughts, one thing you have to understand to choose a niche/alcove, however, there is an alcove that can pay you high CPC rates. Here is the list which we have studied for niches that can give you the high return, We arranged in decreasing order of CPC.

Domains > Gadgets > Google > Microsoft > Banking > Automobile > Health > Real Estate > Home Loans > Jobs > Dating & Romance


Choosing the right content for your web-blog or article is the key to success in high CPC. Google gives more importance to high-quality content as compared to low-quality content. Quality content writing is also one of the best ways to increase Adsense CPCYou should write content in that way such that your user understands easily. Content plays an important role in increasing Adsense CPC. For example, You are writing an article on that topic on which there is high CPC, you will get a high ad revenue because the CPC is high on that topic.


The best way to increase Adsense CPC is the country targeting from which gets high revenue. Here is an example, a click on an advertisement from the USA or another country can pay you up to $2 to $3 per click and on the same advertisement from India or your country can end up paying you only 20 to 30 cents depending upon advertisement.

Always adjust your blog and content with respect to audiences (English-speaking countries). It will also increase the Page Rank of your website. So always set a  plan in mind which country you are targeting.


Never underestimate the placement of your ads on the web page or on your blog, as it’s proportional to your Adsense profit. So where to place ads on the web page to get maximum CPC? and The answer is simple and easy. Place two ads in your blog post and one outside the blog post. As long as placing the ads inside, place one rectangle ad (336 X 280) on the top of the web blog, just below the head title and place the second ad (468 X 60) in between the blog post. Remaining ad you can place on your sidebar of the blog post. placement of ads is also one of the best ways to increase Adsense CPC

You can choose as per your plan, placement of ads depends upon your reason for blogging. For example, if you are a professional blogger and only dependent on Adsense, then you should not miss a chance to optimize your ads and use maximum possible ads units on a single page or web post.


If you follow and use these steps then you can definitely achieve an increase in your AdSense revenue from 50% to 60%. The best way to increase AdSense CPC is completely legal. These are the genuine ways to increase you’re earning from Adsense in a very short time.

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