why choose digital marketing as a carrier
why choose digital marketing as a carrier

Digital Marketing Course in Mohali

Top10digital-marketingstrategy digital marketing course in mohali Digital marketing course in Mohali with certification & placement digital marketing

Digital marketing is a modern form of marketing that uses the Internet and Television as a medium. According to Netmax Digital marketing– The best and the simplest way of marketing product, services, brand, etc. The mode of digital marketing is very cheap and effective.

There are two kinds of Marketing Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing

Inbound Marketing is the marketing technique in which the customer knows about there product and services via the Internet.

Outbound Marketing is the old marketing technique in which a customer knows about the product and services via Newspapers, Advertisement hoardings, television and much more. This type of marketing is very costly and time-consuming. Even we are not sure about the result whether it will reach the customer or not.

Today, 99% of people are on the internet, that is why Inbound Marketing’s importance grew 90% since last year.

Why choose digital marketing as a career in 2020?

  • Online marketers ‘ high demands in well-known companies worldwide for digital marketing activities for their brands.
  • Greater opportunity for a digital marketer.
  • Some of the best countries offer high salaries to digital marketers.
    • Online marketers receive $84,000,  SEO earns 76,000 dollars. Google Analytics will earn $76,000. $63,000 will be earned by PPC (Pay by click). Marketing content is worth $61,000. Marketers in social media earn 57,000 dollars.

In short, digital marketing is the best way to settle with a high wage abroad because foreign businesses want qualified digital marketers or professionals who boost their businesses as well as improve their day-to-day profits through their ability. Now it’s a golden opportunity to work and prove yourself with such big companies. As such digital marketing is much better and cost-efficient than traditional marketing.  

Get up to 8 certifications from Netmax technologies which help you to get jobs in MNCs or other companies. Digital Marketing is not simply marketing it’s far beyond it.

You can make your carrier in digital marketing with a good pay scale in a company.

Digital Marketing course in Mohali overview


  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • This is a process in which traffic to your site through organic search engine results is increased in both amount and quality.
  • Social media optimization (SMO)
    • the process by using various social media channels and communities to raise awareness about products, brand or event, to generate viral advertising.
  • Pay per click
    • Pay-per-click is a Web advertising technique used to drive traffic to websites, which is also known as cost-per-click, and which is advertiser pay for when the ad is clicking.
  • Google Ads
    • Google Ads is a Google-based online advertisement platform that advertisers pay for showing short ads, service offerings, product lists, video content, and delivering Google’s ad network smartphone installs to web users.
  • CMS (content management system)
    • A content management system is a software tool to handle digital content creation and alteration. CMSs are commonly used for the management of client content and web content.
  • HTML basics
    • The Hypertext markup language for documents built for presentation on a web browser is the main markup language. Technologies like Cascading Styles and Script Languages such as JavaScript can be supported.
  • Blogging
    • A blog consists of separate, mostly informal, diary-style text entries and websites that are published on the World Wide Website.
  • WordPress
    • WordPress is a free website-built and maintains a content management system. It has been made the most common blogging tool on the Internet with its simple to use and exclusive blogging features. For creating, publishing and upgrading websites WordPress provides a Web-based user interface.
  • Social media Marketing (SMM)
    • Social media marketing is to promote a product or service through social media platforms and websites. Even if the words e-marketing and digital marketing tend to dominate in academia, social media marketing is increasingly popular among practitioners and researchers.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Search engine marketing is a kind of Internet marketing involving the promotion of websites, mostly through paid advertising by increasing their visibility on search engine results pages.
  • Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics is a Google data monitoring tool, which tracks and records traffic on the website and is now a product within the Google marketing platform brand. After acquiring Urchin, Google launched the company in November 2005.
  • Google Search Console / Webmaster
    • Google Search Console is a web service that allows webmasters to check the status of indexing and to improve website visibility. Google Webmaster Tools was the software until May 20, 2015. A new search comforting version with updates on the user interface was released by Google in January 2018.

These are the syllabus of the Digital marketing course in Mohali. Digital marketing training is professional training in Mohali. There is a lot of jobs in Digital marketing all over India.

Digital Marketing training in Mohali by Netmax Technologies

Why choose Netmax technologies for Digital marketing course in Mohali.

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Digital marketing training by Netmax technologies
  • Netmax Technologies is the oldest training center in Mohali
  • They have the best trainers
  • Less course fee
  • 90% practical work 10% theoretical
  • Fully Air-conditioned computer labs
  • Jobs placement
  • Individual attention
  • Latest Syllabus and Unique techniques

How to reach Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd Chandigarh, For Digital Marketing Course in Mohali | Chandigarh

digital marketing course in mohali digital marketing course in mohali Digital marketing course in Mohali with certification & placement Netmax office contact



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