Internship for Digital Marketing

Are you searching for the best internship for digital marketing your search is over? Then you have come to the right place! Netmax Technologies Pvt Ltd is Providing industry-level free as well as a paid internships for Digital marketing students in India. During this internship period, university students and college students have found the best internship company that would help them to decide the perfect path for their professional career and get them great jobs & placement.

Internship for Digital marketing Description:

our program internship would be assigned to a number of different projects:  blog authorship, speciality-level work and a number of other marketing initiatives. We established our interns on the path through a 12-week program that also includes educational coaching and seminars internship on an inner project which they can proudly display on their resume.

Our Internship program was designed to offer hands-on practical knowledge and curriculum for present and most recently graduated university students looking to expand their knowledge and develop core skills in a persistently changing area of internet marketing. It offers extensive coaching in all areas of digital marketing, from digital media management (display, PPC, etc) to SEO (search engine optimization), advertising, device, social media marketing, along with practical working experience about client internet marketing projects.

The internship for digital marketing will learn:

  • bid management and Advertising campaign optimization
  • Keyword research and planning
  • Adwords campaign builds
  • copywriting and Social media marketing
  • Search-driven content planning and optimization
  • website performance KPI analysis and Digital analytics
  • Analytics and Social listening
  • development and Website design
  • Technical site audits

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