Why choose digital marketing as a career?

    why choose digital marketing as a career

    Why Choose Digital Marketing as a career?

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    As we know everyone wants to become expert in their relative field. There are a lot of fields like  IT, Business, Marketing, Advertising etc in which an individual can pursue their career.

    In this article, we will tell you about Digital marketing and Why choose digital marketing as your career?

    First, you have to know about Digital marketing and why it is important as a career prospect.

    What is Digital Marketing?


    Digital marketing is the fastest way of marketing products, businesses, brands, company or services by using digital channels or modes to achieve consumers or buyers. The main aim of digital marketing is to increase the brands through different forms of digital media like advertising, social media, kindle, etc. It spread beyond internet marketing to include channels that do not need the utilization of the internet.

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    with digital marketing, our business rises and it also increases sales. There are some important tools and channels which are used for digital marketing. In digital marketing, we learn and understand tools and also know how to implement them.


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    • SEO (Search engine optimization)
    • Google Analytics
    • Copywriting
    • Search engine marketing (SEM)
    • inbound marketing
    • Social media optimization (SMO)
    • Content marketing
    • E-mail marketing
    • Advertising
    • Social media marketing

    Now, come to the point, why choose digital marketing as a career? Below there are some reasons for it which help you to make the right decisions for your career.

    There are top reasons, why choose digital marketing as a career?

    1. High demands of digital marketers in reputed companies all over the world

    Digital marketing is the most trending and demanding skill in today’s business promotion. Many businesses are willing to build a digital marketing team for their business promotions digitally. Digital marketing has proved that the growth for the business is easy with digital techniques through Facebook, advertising, Twitter, Youtube, Linked In, Instagram and any other social media site,  with an instant response instead of any other marketing.

    2)More potential for a digital marketing professional

    Digital marketing is the right way to become a professional or specialist in the marketing world. According to the Times of India, digital marketing has created 1.5 lac jobs in the year 2017 but now in present, there are 18 lac jobs available. Digital marketing gives opportunities for individuals to prove their skills, abilities, and strategies to become professional marketers. All companies like small, large or medium all want skilled digital marketers who can run and raise their business by online marketing and also increase their company sales.

    3) Some best countries who offer a high salary for digital marketing specialists.

    According to payscale, Digital marketers earns $84,000. SEO earns $76,000. Google Analytics earn $76,000. PPC(Pay per click) earns $63,000. Content marketing earns $61,000. Social media marketers earns $57,000.

    The most popular countries in the online area typically offer high salaries for a digital marketing specialist and they are……

    1. AustraliaAustralia is the best country for digital marketers. digital marketing specialist earns an average salary of $82,166 per year. Australia also offers wages on the bases of experience like entry-level positions $58,000 moreover experienced workers earn $115,000.
    2. The NetherlandsThe salary for digital marketing specialists in Netherland is ranged from €34,000 to €57,000.
    3. Canada– According to payscale, in Canada digital marketers earn C$47,818 where entry-level professionals get C$36,003 and experienced marketers earn a high of C$67,810.
    4. USAIn USA digital marketing specialists earn $47,853 per year as their median salary. Moreover, experienced earn $35,122 and top professionals earn $63,810.
    5. Ireland- In Ireland digital marketing specialists earn €37,000(according to USD 42,185.55) per year. The wage for entry-level is €26,000(USD29,643.9). Experienced professionals get €52,000.
    6. Spain-Digital marketers earn between €27,000 to €31,000 per year in Spain.
    7. India– Entry-level digital marketer earn Rs 3 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per year where experienced marketers earn 8 to 25 lakhs per annum.

    Digital marketing is the future of marketing. Last but not the least, digital marketing is only the way to startups or expands the business through advertising the products, it’s brand moreover its quality. we all know that today’s life is very struggle full, in this only survivor can survive.

    In a short way, digital marketing is the right way to settle abroad with a high salary because foreign companies want skilled or professional digital marketers who raise their business and also increases their sales day by day with their ability. Now, it is a golden chance to work with such big companies and prove yourself. So, these are the main reasons why choose digital marketing as a career?